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английский для бизнеса - тренинги

Выберите один из уровней, по которому хотите пройти тест:
Необходимое время для прохождения теста: 25- 30 мин

ОНЛАЙН ТЕСТ 1 (Beginner - Pre-Intermediate) – тест для тех, кто оценивает свой уровень знаний английского как начальный или средний.
ОНЛАЙН ТЕСТ 2 (Intermediate - Advanced) - тест для тех, кто оценивает свой уровень знаний английского языка как продвинутый.

For each question choose the one correct answer.

1. Luckily, nobody died in the accident, but the driver and three passengers were all _________.
  1. saved
  2. killed
  3. injured
  4. buried
2. Keith lost his job due _______ cutbacks in the department.
  1. for
  2. at
  3. to
  4. by
3. I seem to spend all my money _______ rent, bills and food.
  1. about
  2. to
  3. for
  4. on
4. I don’t mean to __________ you, but that shirt of yours really smells funny.
  1. offend
  2. blush
  3. afford
  4. infect
5. I couldn’t tell how emotional she was. She keeps her _________ to herself.
  1. opinions
  2. fears
  3. motions
  4. feelings
6. What was the longest ___________ you’ve ever run?
  1. distance
  2. length
  3. way
  4. location
7. The dogs kept me awake all night. They just never stopped _________.
  1. bitting
  2. waltzing
  3. barking
  4. sniffing
8. This is a five-star hotel. Only _________ people can afford to stay here.
  1. wealthy
  2. healthy
  3. steady
  4. foreign
9. I’d love to have the chance to see films in __________, but nowadays they’re all dubbed.
  1. English
  2. Dolby stereo
  3. DVD format
  4. real time
10. The man has stolen my wallet! He’s a _________.
  1. chief
  2. thief
  3. chef
  4. chauffeur

11. While I ____________ for my train this morning _____________ an old school friend.
  1. waited; was meeting
  2. was waiting; met
  3. have been waiting; met
  4. waited; met
12. I'm new to this job. What exactly ___________do?
  1. do I have to
  2. will I be able to
  3. must I to
  4. did I use to
13. Next week we are leaving on our honeymoon. As soon as ______ (we/arrive) at our hotel in Paris (we/order) some champagne to celebrate.
  1. we arrive; we order
  2. we will arrive; we order
  3. we arrive; we will order
  4. we will arrive; we will order
14. What was Laura _____________ at the party?
  1. putting on
  2. wearing
  3. dressing
  4. carrying
15. When you see Jason can you __________ him that I have a book for him, please?
  1. say
  2. tell
  3. explain
  4. report
16. When you were young did you _____________climb trees?
  1. use to
  2. using
  3. use
  4. used to
17. It's a beautiful scooter but I can't afford to buy it. It's _____________ expensive.
  1. much
  2. enough
  3. too
  4. not enough
18. I'm extremely ____________ learning about computers I think they are important for work.
  1. interested in
  2. interesting in
  3. interested for
  4. Yes, he does.
19. He's looking forward   ____________ that film.
  1. to see
  2. seeing
  3. see
  4. to seeing
20. I wouldn't mind   ___________ tonight.
  1. to go out
  2. go out
  3. going out
  4. to going out
21. They   ____________  last night, but I'm not sure.
  1. may arrive
  2. might arrive
  3. should arrive
  4. may have arrived
22. couldn't mend the TV myself, so I  ______________  at a shop.
  1. had it mended
  2. had it mend
  3. did it mend
  4. had mended
23. I  _________ it doesn't rain tomorrow, I'm going for a picnic.
  1. expect
  2. hope
  3. wait
  4. await
Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form:

This is the most beautiful country I've ever (24) ___________ (be) to, however our accommodation could (25 ) _________________ (be)better. Yesterday a strange thing happened. While we (26)_________________ (walk) along the main high street a man came out of his restaurant and asked us if we (27)_______________ (want) to eat there. We (28 )_________________ (receive) a similar offer from 2 other restaurateurs before this, but we   (29)______________ (not accept) their offers. On this occasion we did, but once inside in the establishment we wished we (30) _____________ (not go) in. It was a snake restaurant; the only thing on the menu was every kind of snake you can imagine.
  1. 24.
  2. 25.
  3. 26.
  4. 27.
  5. 28.
  6. 29.
  7. 30.
You will see 10 complete sentences.

Each sentence contains 3 or 4 underlined parts. In one of the underlined parts there is an error. The underlined parts are again listed below each sentence. Your task is twofold: Click on the error — (a) (b) (c) or (d). In the box marked «Your entry» you should insert the correct word or phrase. Example: I went to the library to get as many information as I could. (a) to (b) as many — This is the error. (c) as Your entry: as much Answer: I went to the library to get as much information as I could. (The word «information» is an uncountable noun and should be used with «much» not with «many»).

31. After they had finished their meal, they asked the waiter the bill.
  1. had
  2. their
  3. the
  4. he bill
Your entry

32. Most banks do not mind to lend money to young entrepreneurs.
  1. Most
  2. do
  3. to lend
  4. to
Your entry

33. Working all day long in financial services can be a very tired occupation.
  1. all day
  2. in
  3. services
  4. tired
Your entry

34. It is quite acceptable to pay a lot for high quality work especially if the service is very well.
  1. quite
  2. to pay
  3. if
  4. well
Your entry

35. There is so many more opportunities today in media related industries than could be found 30 years ago.
  1. is
  2. in
  3. related
  4. than
Your entry

36. At the beginning everybody put their money into internet enterprises.
  1. At
  2. everybody
  3. their
  4. into
Your entry

37. It is important to initiate all new recruits quickly into company procedures to stop the former becoming boring.
  1. to initiate
  2. into
  3. to stop
  4. boring
Your entry

38. Whenever they would need additional supplies, they used to contact the main warehouse.
  1. would need
  2. supplies
  3. used to
  4. warehouse
Your entry

39. It depends in your attitude whether or not you adapt to the new demands of a job.
  1. in
  2. whether
  3. adapt to
  4. of
Your entry

40. It is no good expecting for promotion within the first two years.
  1. no good
  2. expecting for promotion
  3. used to
  4. warehouse
Your entry

Choose what the phrase in bold means:

41. Although he had had a bad experience with his business, he treated it as water off a duck's back — means: ……
  1. of some importance
  2. of much importance
  3. of no importance
  4. of great importance
42. He was told that the new plan he'd developed just wouldn't hold water — means:……
  1. woulnd't float
  2. wouldn't work
  3. wouldn't swim
  4. wouldn't sink
43. Every time we came up with a new proposal, he would throw cold water on it — means:……
  1. discourage it
  2. dispute it
  3. destroy it
  4. dislike it
44.After all the money that she's borrowed and also spent, she now finds herself in deep water — means: ……
  1. in decline
  2. in despair
  3. in defeat
  4. in trouble

45. Once he's earned a bit of money he immediately spends it like water — means: ..........
  1. spends it on drink
  2. spends it every day
  3. spends it freely
  4. spends it very slowly
46. He's decided to make a fresh start and regards all his old problems as water under the bridge — means: ..........
  1. not worth looking at
  2. not worth worrying about
  3. not worth worrying of
  4. not worth dreaming about
47. Whenever she goes to that club she always feels like a fish out of water — means: ........
  1. uncomfortable
  2. slippery
  3. dry
  4. tired
48. It's many years since we last met and a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then — means: ..........
  1. a lot has floated
  2. a lot has drifted
  3. a lot has fallen
  4. a lot has happened
49. The jewels in that showcase are clearly of the first water — means: .........
  1. of high value
  2. of high quality
  3. of high reputation
  4. of high density
50. Their job as advisers was to pour oil on troubled waters — means: ........
  1. make things damper
  2. mix things better
  3. calm things down
  4. pick things up


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